Learn About Your Mind: Self-Hypnosis 101

I just want to speak to you right now. How’s your mind going?

Forget your outside world for a moment, and think about how you feel inside.

Are you taking care of yourself? Are you organizing your mind wisely?

Those questions are introspective, which is a process we should commonly do for ourselves.

Like. Every. Day.

Because when we undertake introspection – which can result with many epic and more mundane rebirths – we’re attempting to create more order out of the chaos, regardless if that order sometimes results as chaos in disguise.

In other words, we’re witnessing the stories that are so hardwired into us and then hopefully changing them according to our conscious will.
Call it introspection, mindfulness, meditation, self-hypnosis, self-administered psychotherapy or even self-mastery – it doesn’t really matter. Because regardless of what we label it, we simply need to understand not just the point of it, but the process too.

Simply put, it is focusing our conscious attention on the subconscious (and unconscious) stories of our mind (such as deeply held beliefs, philosophies, labels, emotional states, hardships, desires, safety mechanisms etc.) so that we can get to know ourselves for how we actually operate at that level to actually change it if it is incoherent with not just our natural needs, but also our egoic desires as well.

That is how we heal and grow. And we all do it, some to a lesser or greater degree than others.

It’s nothing supernatural either. We all go into trance states every day, such as daydreaming, thinking intensely about something, immersed in a book or show etc. It’s just sometimes we use that trance for effective healing or development, and at other times we don’t.

Now with that said, I want to do a short mind experiment with you. If that’s okay, just close your eyes for a moment (after reading this sentence lol) and imagine the last time you brushed your teeth and what it looks like as an image in your mind’s eye. That’s right, just focus for as long as it takes to get that image. Take your time if you need to.

Now that you’ve reflected on it, what did the image look like? Was it like you were looking through your own eyes or was it like you were looking at yourself as if you were someone else watching you?

The latter is probably how it looked to you, funnily enough. I’ve thought about this recently and have a theory that it is potentially a deeper reflection of our energetic signature, such as the accumulated perspective of our energy body, or something to that effect. Now that’s not the point actually, more of a tangent. What I’m really trying to make clear is that the subconscious memory of that experience was likely different, if not very different, from the literal experience.

Now that’s neither good or bad, it’s just how the subconscious works. We never have absolute perfect recall of our experience (well most of us anyway) because it is mixed in with so much more than just the immense overload of sensory input that occurs with any experience. You know, like past experience, interpretation, depth of focus; that sort of thing.

My point is that there’s something so bloody powerful that comes from this understanding. The subconscious functions according to not just the stories it has been told (by either you or your experience), but the images related to those stories too. It doesn’t matter if those stories and images are accurate or not, or helping us or not, because they are the actual reality of the unconscious part of our mind. And this is where it gets amazing; our lower minds can essentially be hacked so that they operate more aligned with our conscious will.

And it’s more or less necessary if we want to change something about ourselves. I know our poor little old ego gets it rough sometimes and that it does deserve to feel free and happy and all the good stuff, but the fact remains that it is nowhere near as powerful a creator and driver of our experience as our unconscious part is (as well as our energetic blueprint, but that’s another story).

The ironic thing is that our ego can manipulate and mould the unconscious parts of our self, to more or less how we see fit.


Think about it. Ever wondered why you want to consciously change something about yourself but fail time and time again? Enter new year’s resolutions, as an example. Our subconscious and unconscious layers, which account for almost all of the activity which is occurring in our minds at any given moment, are incoherent with our choice to change. Call it misaligned, contrasted, juxtaposed, disagreeing or dissonant, once again it is irrelevant.

Just know that no matter how much you want to give up smokinglose weightovercome anxietybeat depression or alter a myriad of other emotional and psychological states and their associated behaviors, if you don’t do the work to change it at the foundational level of your mind you are highly unlikely to see the result manifest, let alone be sustained.

Simply put, you have to change how the subconscious views itself. And that’s exactly what hypnosis is, including self-hypnosis.


On a personal note, by next year I’m going to be a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, which is something I’ve been practicing on myself for nearly two decades. Combining my practice of self-hypnosis (which I thought was just good-old fashioned meditation for many years) with my professional experience working with people in a therapeutic and developmental capacity, is something that has really got me excited.

Why? Well, there will be no more wasting time with exhausting intervention at the conscious level because I can now just simply note the desire(s) of the client and use ‘suggestion therapy’ to implant that desire at the subconscious and unconscious level.

Problem solved, very quickly. It’s seriously the closest I’ve seen to a miracle cure.

Regardless of that unapologetic plug (i.e. you’re welcome to contact me if you need help with something, but you need to be serious about changing it), I really want you to understand that you really can do it all by yourself.

Learn about your mind.

Learn about hypnosis and meditation.

Practice it.

Listen to guided sessions (there’s plenty on YouTube), and see what happens.

Give yourself the attention and focus you deserve.

After all, no one else is going to do it for you.

Ultimately, our body knows how to heal itself. It’s an amazingly powerful system, we just need to get ourselves out of the way to let it do its thing, including ceasing any toxins we give it not just physically, but psychologically and emotionally too. And that includes all that baggage we’ve hoarded deep inside us from long, long ago.

Anyway, good luck with your next rebirth, I hope it’s a big one.

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