The Difference Between and Good Attitude and a Bad One

The most self-abusive impact is that a poor attitude inhibits a reverent experience of the world. If we’re too busy lost in the noise that this form of mood creates, then we miss out on the small things that makes life so wonderful. Yes it may be raining, which challenges our temperament and commute to work, but did we admire the rainbow? Did we actually listen to the meditative sounds of the dripping water? Did we see the artistic way the water ran off that roof? What about that child that was dancing in the puddles?

Mind Before Matter: How Consciousness is Making a Comeback through Scientific Exploration

What this means is that for the last couple of centuries consciousness was believed to be a manifestation of matter, but that theory is most likely wrong. The new era of science is working with the idea that consciousness is deeply embedded in the fabric of existence. The most infamous example is the double-split experiment, in which a conscious observation collapses wave-like, probabilistic states of a particle into an actual particle of experience. This was originally thought to be reserved for sub-atomic particles, like electrons, which seemed to act like waves or particles depending on whether we’re observing them or not, but more recently molecules have illustrated that they’re a part of this phenomena too.

5 Signs that our Emotions No Longer Control Us

​We’ve all suffered emotionally throughout our lives. Similarly, we’ve all experienced trauma, regardless to what degree it personally manifested. When we’re born, we’re forced through environmental conditioning, which will always have both its positives and negatives. Our greatest influences are generally our parents, followed by our peers and the societal and cultural paradigms of our time. Yet, once we become an adult, each and every one of us has the ability to alleviate our own suffering by redesigning our mind into a more functional and healthy state of existence.

Learn About Your Mind: Self-Hypnosis 101

My point is that there’s something so bloody powerful that comes from this understanding. The subconscious functions according to not just the stories it has been told (by either you or your experience), but the images related to those stories too. It doesn’t matter if those stories and images are accurate or not, or helping us or not, because they are the actual reality of the unconscious part of our mind. And this is where it gets amazing; our lower minds can essentially be hacked so that they operate more aligned with our conscious will.