Dispel Fears

Hypnosis is a trance state we all go into and out of each day. Daydreaming, reading a book intensely, lost in the TV, driving without paying conscious attention to the road; they’re all examples of trances.

It’s exactly why advertising works so well, because when we’re relaxed in front of the TV the message slips straight past the critical faculty of the conscious mind and directly into the subconscious.

In that light, every single one of us CAN be hypnotised to some degree. We can also learn to go into deeper states too. Therefore, it is NOT a trophy to have ‘too stronger mind for hypnosis’.

Why? Because trance states can be extremely potent for reorganising the mind according to our wishes.

The science and medical research is clear; meditation, hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis and other focus based states are phenomenally good at changing our neurology and other physiology.

Therefore, it’s powerful for changing our psychology and emotions too.

And I’ve never met anybody who didn’t want to make their life better as soon as possible, especially by simply relaxing themselves.

A silly myth about hypnosis is that the hypnotist controls the subjects mind. How it actually works is that a collaboration between the hypnotherapist and the client creates shifts in subconscious behaviour.

You won’t lose your sovereignty.

It’s simply using hypnotic language to distract your conscious mind to embed the desires you have as suggestions into your subconscious apparatus.

It’s like entering code into your subconscious programming.

A lot of time you’ll have some level of conscious awareness. You might drift in and out of that awareness according to the different levels of trance you’re in, yet because you’ve already approved me to speak to your subconscious it will be listening no matter how ‘conscious’ you are of the trance experience.

When you work with a hypnotherapist, there is a mental contract. You ask me to help with whatever it is, and we’ll do that by dealing directly with it, as well as indirectly. That might mean you need to deal with related issues, face repressed memories or something to that effect, but I don’t need to necessarily know and neither do you either sometimes.

That’s called content-free therapy.

The point is, however, that outside of the mandate you’re seeing me for, it’s your business. That’s the control you always have.

So when you see somebody clucking like a chicken or some other silly behaviour in ‘stage hypnosis’, they’re not being mind controlled at all. They are subjects who are really susceptible to deep trances and on both conscious and unconscious levels WANT to entertain the audience.

Clucking like a chicken is still within their ‘value structure’, so they do it.

So now that you understand hypnosis better, feel free to contact me for a FREE consultation because you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose and much more to gain.