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Phillip J. Watt’s first novel is a daring exposé of the human experience in the 21st Century. Welcome to ‘The Simulation’; a fun, insightful and engaging fable that provocatively adventures through love, lust and life.


Gary and Elle are out late, attempting to maintain their sense of youth. On their way back to the hotel after some drinking and dancing, they decide to stop at a game store to test out the latest virtual reality technology. Gary and Elle enter ‘Meet Your Master’ to have a little innocent fun, but it all goes wrong when Gary’s consciousness gets lost in the game.

As he navigates through various perspectives of people he doesn’t know, he becomes more and more confused about what is actually happening to him. Is he stuck in a game or lost in a dream? Or has he died back in the game shop?

Gary’s journey takes him through alternative pasts, presents, and futures. Some are fun, and others walk him to the edge of his sanity. Yet as challenging as the experience is for him, he soon realises he is learning, healing, and growing in incredible ways.

But as he gets closer to finding out the ultimate truth, he is forced to confront who he really is and his entire conception of reality.


Stephanie Goedecke wrote on the publisher’s website:

I love this original, fun, thought-provoking, psychedelic, awesome book! It reminds me of Philip K. Dick ideas, but more positive. And it also includes interesting takes on our world today, and where it could go, and questions about what we are, and options we have. It began with a cool trip into a VR game, and then just kept turning corners. It is fun to read, and also an impressive work. I’m impressed.

Alex Tsakiris, creator and host of the infamous Skeptiko Podcast, wrote: 

“I’ve really enjoyed the book. I’m not much into novels or sci fi 🙂 but you’ve written a page-turner… it oughta be turned into a movie.”

L.V wrote:

Fantastic exploration of some really deep topics weaved into a fun, intricate but accessible plot … I love it!! A web of insight into the failings of modern society and the paradigm shifts necessary to bring about a better version of humanity.

Peter D.R wrote:

“I’ve just finished reading your book “The Simulation”, and it is a very special book indeed. It’s playful; sexy; clever; authentic; thoughtful as well as thought-provoking; has a strong Aussie flavour to it, and certainly echoes my own ways of perceiving this complex and often strange “reality” we find ourselves in … The book also offers a truly powerful template for how humanity could move forward – if we were to finally so choose! Now that it is out there in this physical “reality” of ours, as well as increasingly having it imprint its wisdom into the “Morphogenetic Field” – achieved by each new person reading it – no doubt all your work will only add to the creation of that crucial “platform” from which humanity might yet make their next evolutionary leap forwards, rather than imploding into a very dystopian world of experience. We can but hope the former!”

And then of course there’s Phillip’s harshest critic, the magical Nicole L. Maclean, who wrote:

“Celestine Prophecy cross sliding doors matrix style :)”