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Heal by Hypnosis

Mary had a major transformation in just 3 sessions:

“As a 66 year old female, I have suffered lifelong debilitating General & Social Anxiety, depression, insomnia, many digestive issues, stress and other health problems related to these. With Phillip’ s knowledge, guidance, understanding, support, care, compassion and empathy and providing new tools for me to empower myself now, for life, I have shifted my mindset and let go of all the above and much more. The change is amazing, as I now have abundant energy, happiness, aliveness and zest for life. I was never one for much exercise, often feeling to fatigued to manage everyday chores. Yet now I crave exercise, I’m going from strength to strength, increasing my overall health, fitness, stamina and vitality. I’m determined and focused in achieving my goals, one being to complete a half-marathon in 2020. ” I never expected that!”. I’m not limiting myself anymore, and can continue to attract all things that serve me, and my souls purpose, for the good of myself, all others, and our world, and letting go of all that does not. Now I can live wholly and fully, as the person I was always meant to be!! Whatever you wish to change about yourself and your life, it is truly possible. I am forever grateful and cannot thank Phillip enough for all he does. You Rock Phillip!!!! 👌😁😁”

Mary, Australia.

Rose lost nearly 10 kilos and overcome her anxiety and depression in just 3 sessions, all online from the comfort of her own home:

“My hypnosis sessions with Phillip have completely changed my life. I had lost my spark, had absolutely no passion for life, was suffering anxiety, was frequently overwhelmed and was overweight. My sessions were very relaxed, you feel no pressure, it’s very natural, like talking to an old friend. You feel the changes from the very first session, you feel calmer and equipped to deal with anything life throws at you. I really recommend giving these sessions a chance, you’ve got nothing to lose. Thanks Phillip for all your help.” 

Rose, Australia.

Tom improved his overall well-being:

“Such a great experience, which has truly changed my life. Phillip is very knowledgeable person, who has helped improve my physical, mental and spiritual health. He was very engaging and so good to talk to about life, and what I can do to continually better myself and those around me.”

Tom, Australia.

Neil overcame PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and a serious lack of self-love & confidence:

“I was refered to Phillip by a “Brother” of mine who believed he could help with some issues I had been facing in my life, I must admit I was sceptical at first to say the least but I quickly found that this was not something to be taken lightly. Phillip was patient and understanding in his initial consultation with me this allowed us to explore so many deep seated problems and together we controlled these one by one. Now bear in mind I had felt broken for most of my life and this had been compounded by some unfortunate occurances along the way . In just six sessions Phillip has worked with me to change my whole outlook on life I am now Confident,Happy,Energetic,and above all for the first time in my life can actually say HAPPY TO BE ME. Phillip I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for not only me but also for my family.”

Neil, Australia.

Janice healed her depression which she suffered for over three decades:

“Phillip made me feel comfortable from the first time I walked through the door. I would highly recommend anyone thinking of trying hypnotherapy to give it ago. Phillip gave me back my life”

Janice, Australia.

Matt moved beyond the serious mental health issues he had struggled with since a young child:

“I had 5 sessions with Phillip and he helped me to be more sociable, get my goals more in order, be better at meditation, attend the gym and exercise more, be more motivated, do more things, be clearer in mind, progress quicker than doing it alone, envision a future that is more decent, be more connected to my feelings, more self-aware, have a better idea with what to do in my life, be healthier and happier, change my diet for the better and just feel better in general”.

Matt, Australia.

Paul finally overcame the chronic pain he was debilitated by in his shoulder for over 20 years:

“I’ve been working with Phil over the past few weeks on a few issues/blockages that I wanted a little more clarify on. I found Phil to be extremely switched on and synced in to these blocks in our first session. What I found to be quite unique with Phil was that it’s not just the session each week where you connect, he also gives you weekly ‘homework’ which really drives home the essence of the session. Phil puts in quite a lot of extra time and effort to ensure his clients are well aware of the entire process. Through the sessions with Phil I’ve not only relieved a pain in my shoulder that’s been with me for over 20 years, I’ve also been opened up to new tools that I’ll now carry for the rest of my time. Thanks so much Phil for your time and knowledge, it’s been an awesome experience and one I’ll return to when an if any future blocks come up”.

Paul, Australia.

Holly overcame her fears, stress and sadness:

“Hypnotherapy is an old term to me, it makes me think of a clock necklace being held in front of your eyes while someone repeats ‘you are getting sleepy, so sleepy’ and makes you cluck like a chicken. My recent experience with hypnotherapy has me laughing at this idea as it’s so far from the truth. 

I had no idea what I was walking into when I went for my first session. When I first met Phillip I thought, he is strong, grounded, very well-spoken and kind, this just might be a good thing for me! 

Right away I discovered a really needed Phillips help. I was in a place of fear, scared to change anything, scared to stay the same, scared of what’s to come, scared of what has been. I could not see up from down and right from wrong and did not have anyone around me that could help, no one knew how, how could they. 

Phillip’s spirituality, connection and empathy really developed some good trust between us, I began to really depend on our sessions. So much so that each week I was faced with new challenges and I seemingly fearlessly accepted them (crazy right as I was so crippled by fear prior!), knowing I was coming back to Phillip and we would dissect it and I could keep growing. Each week I created new goals and met the challenges head-on and there were plenty, but I was determined to master them. 

These challenges were not easy, but there was a huge difference, I wasn’t scared of them! I felt brave, I had a tool kit (one of my favourite things out of our visual meditations) and what happened next was mind-blowing. I actually began to trust myself, ha! 

That whole time I thought it was Phillip I was trusting, and it was in a sense, but then it developed into me, it was myself I was trusting, believing, backing, standing up for and loving fearlessly. Phillip just showed me how. Something I am forever grateful for and will call on again if I need to! Keep your door open Phil! 

I would now describe hypnotherapy as a form of guided meditation, leading to trans work that retrains your mind, body energy system (brain, heart and tummy brain) the way you want it to think, breathe and live. Leading to mind and body alignment, peace and contentment, hurray right, it’s true. 

One of my favourite meditations we did Phillip says ‘minds thinking together, heart feeling together and tummy brain feeling together’, for me this says it all. I am aligned, connected and present. I am now embracing the fear feeling, I don’t dislike it, it’s my guide to growth, I am following it! 

Things in my life have changed, my relationship has changed, but it’s all for the better for me, I am happy. 

If you are thinking of doing a session, my advice? Put your big girl pants on, decide what you want out of life and go for it, go all in, you won’t lose, you will love.” 

Holly, Australia.

Peter resolved long-standing issues with his health:

“Powerful and empowering”; “insight-provoking and problem-resolving” would be terms that come to mind after having had several hypnotherapy sessions with Phillip Watt.

His calm, centered approach; his depth and breadth of understanding the complexities of Life, and his ability to also factor in a Metaphysical perspective were all qualities that helped catalyze a significant sense of Healing within me. I also found that Phillip’s interweaving of some Counseling with the Hypnotherapy hugely augmented the overall experience. I can highly recommend having some sessions with Phillip Watt.

Peter, Australia.

Ben balanced out his overactive stress response system:

“ I came to Phil several years ago and was in a highly stressed out situation from all angles in my Life. Looking at myself from then to where I am at now I can only say that I am most grateful for the decision I made to reach out to Phil in a time of confusion and much need. His handy tips, lived experiences and display of skills is something highly regarding and needed that I have not experiences with other professionals. Really appreciate the sincerity, uplifting and guided work Phil put me toward to keep my thoughts on the right track. Phil thank you for your time and understanding to support me over years! Namaste.”

Ben, Australia.

Susan resolved her ongoing issues with anxiety, especially when under pressure:

I have been hypnotized before many years ago in face to face sessions so I was familiar with the process and what it can and cannot do. I was initially unsure if hypnosis over the internet from the other side of the world would work but I was willing to try. What I found was in some respects it can be more comfortable from my own space where I am familiar and comfortable. While I never felt the least bit uncomfortable or unsafe in any way, being in my own home is my ultimate safe space. 

After our first session I was pleasantly surprised when I recognized the change in myself during the week knowing it was what we had worked on both in our talks and while in trance. 

During the second session I was able to go even deeper, finding myself fascinated by the minds eye visuals that popped in my head when you asked me to think of an example and how quickly my body could feel it. Most importantly the way I could find relief through your suggestions and the way that relief continued in my daily life. 

Thank you so much for the opportunity.

Susan, United States

Mellanie wanted to benefit from hypnosis as a personal development tool:

This week I have had a feeling that I can mostly describe as as calm contentment. 

During the sessions you were quickly able to build a rapport that put me at ease and reassured me that I had made the right choice in seeking help from you. You were knowledgeable and interesting and hit the right balance between talking therapy and the hypnosis session itself.  Your ability to clearly set expectations for the sessions meant I felt totally prepared and open to what was to come.

I left the sessions feeling confident that I would experience benefits.

I’ve used the tools that you’ve shown me so that I can help myself when I need it. This has been very effective in re-establishing some mental equilibrium when day to day life gets overly chaotic or hectic. I have started to make healthier eating choices and I feel more aware of my body and how I am feeling.

I can genuinely say that this was a very positive experience that I can carry with me and continue to take the benefits from. I would recommend you and your services to anyone.

Thank you Phillip 🙂

Mellanie, UK.

Gaz conquered his issues of loneliness and a lack of self-love::

Love working with Phillip , he’s adaptable and intuitive , able to follow you emotionally in the moment where you NEED to go and gives you the tools and the power to heal yourself after the session ! Gets me back on track within a session -HIGHLY RECOMMEND”

Gaz, France.

Sarah fixed her weeks of debilitating insomnia:

Thank you so much for your time, kind presence and deep support. It went a long way. As you know, I felt extremely relaxed and at ease after the session. And although I did wake up several times throughout the night, I did the self-hypnosis each time and was able to fall back asleep eventually. It seems my conscious mind enjoyed having something productive to do to help me get back to sleep (as opposed to just worrying). I feel super relieved and sane today and finally have a recent somatic experience of what a good night sleep feels like. Thank you again. You’re an incredible hypnotherapist!

Sarah, United States.

Courtney resolved her ongoing concerns with anxiety:

Hi Phillip!  Here is my feedback from our session the other night.  I was very relaxed, in fact I rarely ever feel that relaxed.  I haven’t experienced a specific stressful trigger since then.  However the next day when I had my procedure, my blood pressure was normal.  I can’t even remember the last time it was normal.  Even when they had to stick me 6 times to get the IV going (because I was dehydrated and my veins kept rolling), I stayed calm even though it HURT.  I feel like my ability to stay calm during that ordeal was related to our session the night before.

Courtney, United States.